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Crinkle fabric is a unique type of material that has gained popularity in recent years due to its distinctive texture and versatility. This type of fabric is characterized by its intentionally wrinkled or crinkled appearance, which gives it a unique and stylish look.

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Our shiny fabric gives you swimwear with an understated elegance. Bringing a bit of extra glam to your swimwear attire.

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Luxury linen is an excellent choice for beach wear. Linen is a versatile and durable fabric that has been used for centuries to create high-end garments that are both stylish and comfortable. Its lightweight, breathable, and absorbent properties make it the perfect material for summer clothing, especially for the beach.

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This smooth fabric has a silky touch. It embraces your body perfectly. Combine it with your favourite swimwear for a complete resort look. Whether you are on your favourite beach or at your preferred pool, this fabric will help you illuminate. 

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